Both in the traditional manufacturing industry or the Internet and other new industries, M&D Law has a wealth of experience in the equity financing, bank loans and mergers and acquisitions. M&D Law is also familiar with the domestic and foreign financing framework (such as VIE framework) arrangements. At the same time, M&D Law provides the legal services for different industries company. According to the industry and business needs, we are creating personalized service to each client to reduce the legal risks efficiently.


The specific services we provide in this regard include:


l Provide frequently used business contract template and batch contract review;

l  Draft contract internal management rules covering the execution and performance;

l  Analyze and solve the legal risk of the company's products;

l Draft procedures for risk control;

l  Training of risk control and legal knowledge;

l  Other routine legal matters such as HR, procurement, etc.

l  Legal and risk analysis of the market access of the financing M & A industry;

l  Enterprise legal risk background survey;

l Advise on financing M & A framework;

l  Financing M & A document preparation;

l Related government approval and report preparation (Including operator concentration examination, equity pledge registration, return investment approval and license modification, etc).



Professional field / Practice area
  • Mingdun started its business from trademark law, and continue to heavily invest on and be proud of our competitive trademark law capability. Our team are trademark law veterans with business-driven mindset, they always take the legal practice as a tool to meet the client’s commercial needs, so our clients always find our report “highly practicable and making commercial sense”. Our trademark team is lawyers exclusively. They handle trademark prosecution and enforcement on their own, and each of them could provide one-stop service, so the same lawyer serves our clients from trademark applic...
  • Mingdun’s patent practice is the fastest growing practice in the firm. Experience patent attorneys and patent practitioners joined the practice in the past two years, most of them have been counseling their oversea clients for more than 10 years on patent matters. The experience of our attorneys allows us to handle sophisticate cases which requires not only knowledge and passion but also experience and vision. Our patent attorneys help overseas applicants filing patent applications before the Patent Office of China and assist overseas patentees to secure both monetary and injunctive ...
  • Mingdun is active in the copyright field. We file a great amount of copyright registration each year, and we help the client to enforce their copyright through litigation and raid action. We help our client to protect their copyright also from trademark law and design law when it is possible. Our lawyers have track record of winning copyright litigation at different Courts of China, and that is a tip of the iceberg of our copyright law services. We provide many copyright services:l  Conducting Copyright Searchl  Filing Copyright registrationl  Copyright Consultation l&...
  • Dispute always occurs as the business grows. Whatever you are already involved in a business dispute, financial litigation, investigation, or just simply trying to protect your business and ensure compliance, our dispute resolution team can provide help.Our services in dispute resolution include:l  Alternative Dispute Resolutionl  Compliance review and corporate governancel  Business Disputesl Construction and real estate disputesl  International Arbitrationl  Intellectual property rights disputes and enforcementsl  Customs and trade disputesl Fraudl...
  • IP administrative protection is an effective way to protect intellectual property right in China. In this area, the M&D Law can provide clients with the best market surveillance, commercial investigation, administrative complaints, customs recordation and other intellectual property rights administrative protection services, mainly including: l Commercial investigationl  Intellectual property infringement investigationl  Survey on the use of trademarksl Evidence collection by investigation and notarizationl  Act for clients to negotiate and claim damagesl ...
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